Costume-Con 28 Doll Costume Contest

Dress a human or alien doll in the garments of your dreams!

Competition rules:

1. You may submit a human or alien doll, or a costumed creature.

2. A purchased figure, such as a Breyer™ horse or a Barbie® doll, or a personally crafted figure may be entered. There will be separate judging categories for purchased figures embellished by the entrant and entrant-made figures. Entrants should clearly state which part of the figure they made. No kits for clothing or pre-printed cloth outfits are allowed.

3. Emphasis in the judging of dolls will be placed on the costuming of the doll, including the scale and fit. Emphasis in the judging of creatures will be on the costuming or decoration of the creature. Judges will have final control over all categories and awards given.

4. All non-perishable materials are allowed.

5. All entrants must be supporting or attending members of Costume-Con 28.

6. Entrants need not be present to win. Supporting members may have someone else bring their entries. Costume-Con 28 is not responsible for entries lost, delayed, misdirected, damaged, or destroyed by the delivery service of your choice.

7. By submitting your entry, you are giving Costume-Con 28 (and its designated representatives) permission to photograph and/or videotape your entry for purposes of sale as part of post-convention packages. Your entries may also be photographed or videotaped, for personal enjoyment only, by members of Costume-Con 28.

8. Please submit each of your entries with the following information typed, not handwritten, on a piece of paper: Title of entry, name of entrant, address, phone number and email address (if any). Entries lacking this information will not be considered.

Special Contest:
I Spy with my little eye, something beginning with D[oll]

Dress a figure to illustrate our spies theme.

If you need further information,please e-mail Ann Catelli, our Doll Contest Coordinator.