Costume-Con 28 Staff Contacts

Who's doing what when....

Convention Chair Henry Osier conchair (at) cc28 (dot) org
Compliance Officer Judy Seidl compliance (at) cc28 (dot) org
Con Suite (aka Hospitality Suite) Agent IK consuite (at) cc28 (dot) org
Dealers Agent AD dealers (at) cc28 (dot) org
Doll Costume Contest Ann Catelli doll (at) cc28 (dot) org
Exhibits Tim Kozinski exhibits (at) cc28 (dot) org
Friday Night Social Henry Osier and Gregory Rihn fridaysocial (at) cc28 (dot) org
Future Fashion Folio Karen Bergquist futurefolio (at) cc28 (dot) org
Green Room Agent NS greenroom (at) cc28 (dot) org
Hall Costume Awards Nora Mai hallawards (at) cc28 (dot) org
Historic Masquerade Pierre Pettinger and Sandy Pettinger historicalmasquerade (at) cc28 (dot) org
Hotel Liaison Gregory Rihn hotel (at) cc28 (dot) org
Meet-Ups Aurora Celeste meetups (at) cc28 (dot) org
Programming Jennifer Kelley programming (at) cc28 (dot) org
Publications Agent GQ Download Program Book Ad Rate Sheet. publications (at) cc28 (dot) org
Registration (Onsite) Carol Inkpen registration (at) cc28 (dot) org
SF/Fantasy Masquerade Jennifer Kelley sffmasquerade (at) cc28 (dot) org
Special Events Gregory Rihn specialevents (at) cc28 (dot) org
Tours Henry Osier tours (at) cc28 (dot) org
Treasurer Agent $$$ treasurer (at) cc28 (dot) org
Video Masquerade Andrew Trembly and Kevin Roche videomasquerade (at) cc28 (dot) org
Webmaster Agent OOD webmaster (at) cc28 (dot) org