Welcome to the Lonely Panel Club!

There's nothing sadder than panels with no panelists. Won't you please consider volunteering to help facilitate discussion? Drop our Programming Director a line if you're willing to help!

And the panels needing panelists are:

Accessories Set the Style

A great costume needs great accessories! Where does one go to find them? And how hard is it to DIY them?

Acting Like the Other Half Lives: Crossplay

You don’t have to be a boy to dress like one… or a girl to dress like a girl! The trick, though, is pulling it off in public! Our panelists share tricks, tell triumphs, and spin cautionary tales.

Buying vs. Making: The New Costuming Sensibilities

New School costumers—especially recreationists—feel it’s perfectly justified to buy their entire rig off of eBay and still compete in Masquerades. Old School costumers think they’re lazy and full of entitlement issues.How can the two sides come to consensus? Should they?

Costume-Con Virgins

Find out what exactly goes on during a Costume-Con weekend, for those of you making your first trek to it.

Costuming Myths… Busted!

Corsets are hard, ruffs are harder, and don’t even think about wings… These and many other myths will be discussed… and confirmed, busted, or deemed plausible!

Fun vs. Profit: Making Money Making Costumes

How hard is it to make a profit from what you make? And when—if ever—does it stop being fun? Find out how to get into—and out of—the business of profiting from your handywork.

“How Do I Solve a Problem Like…?” (2 hrs)

Bring it on! Your greatest challenges, your spot of trouble… like-minded costumers will be on hand to help sort you out!

Making Up Is Hard To Do

It’s… the expected panel on how to put on a face for the stage (or for film, or for the halls.)

Pimp Your CostumeCon

Upcoming Costume-Con committees let you in on what's in store for the future.

Props On a Plane: Transporting Costumes and Props

Tricks and tips on moving a weekend’s worth of historic attire.. or wings… or other weird, wild, and (most importantly) ungainly clothing and accessories across town or across country.

SF/F vs. Historic Smackdown!

Okay, so who brings it on best? Which is the hardest genre to costume in? Participants on both sides duke it out… and hopefully come together in the end.

Steampunk: Where Fantasy Meets Victoriana

Don’t know what Steampunk is? Just getting started in the genre? Our panel of experts will clue you in.

The Size’s The Thing: Costuming For Your Body Type

Which costumes work for what size? And how much does size (vertical or horizontal) matter when creating a historical, SF, or fantasy persona? And do the rules change if you attempt a media recreation?

Why the ICG Matters

With so much socialising, documenting, and organizing taking place online, why do costumers still need the ICG?

Don't feel limited to the above! If you have a great panel idea that hasn't been mentioned yet, it's not too late! You have until April 21!

We are also looking for additional panelists for Cosplay and Stage Movement.