Costume-Con offers several unique opportunites to compete against your fellow costuming operatives. Throw your mad skills up against others and find out whose sateen will reign supreme!

SF/F Masq | Historic Masq | Single Pattern | Future Fashion Folio & Show | Doll Costume Contest | Video Masq | Hall Costumes

Science Fiction/Fantasy Masquerade

Saturday Evening

The best in science fiction and fantasy costumes will compete on Saturday evening. For complete information on this competition, please visit the Science Fiction/Fantasy Masquerade page.

Historic Masquerade

Sunday Evening

The Historic Masquerade is more than just a costume competition. It is an opportunity for research and applied scholarship. It is also recognizes creativity, workmanship and stage presentation. All cultures, locales and historical eras are eligible to compete in the Historical Masquerade.For the purposes of this Masquerade, "historic" costumes are anything prior to December 31, 1970.

For complete information on this competition, please visit the Historic Masquerade page.

Single Pattern Contest

Tuxedos and cheongsams rule the day, in keeping with the convention theme. Full pattern details can be found on the Single Pattern Contest page.

Future Fashion Folio and Show

The Folio is a collection of designs made by anyone. The show is the presentation of these designs made real, either by the designer or another attendee, which can be quite a challenge. The Future Fashion Folio is now available via email or snail mail for registered members of the convention. If you have not heard from the convention regarding which method you would prefer, please contact us as soon as possible.

This year's Future Fashion Show will be slightly different. In a departure from past folio shows, CC28 is only taking design reservations from creators. Creators have been asked to reserve their design if they wish to be the sole participant in the show with that design. All other designs, and those creators that chose to make their own design but not to reserve their designs soley for their own creation, are fair game for anyone attending. Yes, we may end up with all participants in the design on page 480, but that's part of the fun! For more informaiton, please contact the Future Fashion Show director.

Doll Costume Contest

Dress a human or alien doll (or creature) in the garments of your dreams. Complete information for this competition can be found on the Doll Costume Contest page.

Video Masquerade Film Festival

Thanks to a sudden revival of interest, we are working to have a Video Masquerade at Costume-Con 28 (Milwaukee, May 7-9, 2010) after all. Because we are working in such a short time frame, we’ve decided to simplify things a bit and run it as a short costume film festival. Download entry information here.

Hall Costumes

If you do not feel like competing in one of the competitions, your ensemble may be recognized while taking in the convention. There might be special sponsored awards. There might be times for themed costumes in the hallways. We encourage attendees to feel free to wear costumes during the day.

In addition to the standard "Hall Costume Award" ribbon, we will be recognizing special costumes with special awards. The CC28 International Hall Costume Award will be awarded for Ethnic/Folk costumes, while The CC28 Undercover Hall Costume Award will be awarded for costumes fitting the convention's spy theme.


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