Costume-Con 28 Memberships

Costume-Con 28 offers several different membership rates, letting couples and families save on memberships. We anticipate offering online registration via Paypal in the fall of 2009; until then, print out this handy registration form to mail in your membership(s).

Individual Memberships

Couple Membership

Two adults at the same address. Address receives only one set of paper mailings. Take $10 off two memberships purchased at the same time.

Family Membership

Couple membership plus $15 per child. Receives only one set of paper mailings.

Youth Membership

For ages 10-18. Half the price of an Individual membership, purchased at same time as an Individual Membership.


For children under 10. Free (no publications). Please inform the convention if you plan on having a kid (or more) in two. Souvenir Kid-in-tow badges are available for $5/ea and must be pre-ordered.

Supporting Membership

1/2 of an individual membership, converts to full membership at the door for the remainder of the membership cost at the time you purchased it. For example, a supporting membership purchased in June 2009 would convert to attending for $37.50, one purchased in December of 2009 at $30, etc.

Supporting membership gets you all convention publications, and voting rights.